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Real Estate

Real Estate

Buying, selling, or leasing real estate property can be complex. At first glance these transactions might appear simple but if the smallest mistake is made the consequences could be weighty. The laws and regulations vary considerably from state to state and the contracts tend to be very intricate in nature. An experienced attorney can help you evaluate all contracts and agreements so that no mistakes are made in such an important transaction.


Buying or selling a home can be one of the largest investments or transactions of your life which makes it exceedingly important to handle it with care. Having an attorney present throughout the entire closing process on either the purchase side or sale side can ensure that everything goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

Purchase and Sale Agreements

The purchase agreement is the single most important document in a real estate transaction. An experienced attorney will be familiar with all the state regulations, the current market, and any other red tape that there might be so as to assist you draft or evaluate complicated purchase and sale agreements.

Lease Agreements

Many landlords use standard forms for lease agreements and, while those may be helpful, they usually do not cover any sort of unusual circumstances which tend to happen more regularly than not. An attorney can help you draft complex lease agreements that cover all necessary arrangements and help a renter review an agreement closely along with addressing any and all breaches of the leasing agreement.

Options to Buy

Occasionally, lease agreements or purchase agreements can come with an option to buy which leaves the buyer with an option rather than an obligation to go through with the purchase of a property. This kind of lease agreement can be beneficial to both potential buyer and seller but can become complicated quickly because of its unique nature.

Articles of Agreements for Deed

Articles of Agreements for Deed, otherwise known as an Installment Land Contract, is an agreement between the seller and buyer for the seller to maintain legal title while the buyer takes on equitable title and makes payments on the property in installments. Afterward, when the buyer has paid the full contract price, the seller can hand over the deed to the buyer. Having an attorney to assist throughout the two separate closings is imperative.

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